NARO Functions

The functions of the National Agricultural Research Organisation are to:

  1. Provide strategic direction for publicly funded agricultural research in Uganda and act as a forum for agricultural researchers in Uganda;
  2. Coordinate and oversee, in collaboration with the Uganda National Council for Science and Technology and other lead agencies, the development, consolidation and implementation of agricultural research policy and national research strategies, plans and budgets relating to publicly funded agricultural research;
  3. Set national priorities and harmonize agricultural research activities of the national agricultural research system, constituent institutions and public agricultural research institutes, civil society organisation, private sectors and farmer organizations and promote delivery of quality and efficient agricultural research services;
  4. Advise and coordinate formulation of policy and legislative proposals, research standards, codes of ethics, conduct and practice; and guidelines for delivery of agricultural research services;
  5. Provide guidelines, guidance and ensure delivery of quality agricultural research by agricultural research service providers;
  6. In collaboration with other relevant agencies, provide policy guidance to local governments on matters relating to agricultural research;
  7. Carry out monitoring and evaluation of national agricultural research programmes, projects and activities to ensure adherence to the set work plans, standards and regulations;
  8. Mobilize funds for agricultural research and manage the agricultural research trust fund including raising funds for research of national strategic interest;
  9. Coordinate and promote cooperation and collaboration between Uganda and other countries, institutions, scientific or professional societies and other agricultural research service providers, with regard to agricultural research, development and technology transfer in the agricultural sector so as to optimally utilise agricultural resources and improve production capacity of such resources;
  10. Provide leadership and advocacy for the promotion, protection and development of agricultural research in Uganda;
  11. Make grants or provide funds to any institution or person for the advancement of agricultural research and development on both competitive and non-competitive basis; and
  12. Perform such other functions as are conferred on the organisation by this Act or any other law for the purpose of promoting agricultural research and development.

In carrying out the above functions, NARO is a forum for agricultural researchers in Uganda. NARO is therefore mandated to convene a meeting at least once a year of representatives of agricultural research service providers, farmers, private sector and civil society and other stakeholders for the purpose of discussing issues relevant to agricultural research and setting agricultural research priorities.

Other functions of NARO

NARO in addition to above functions, performs other such functions such as

  1. Advise the Minister of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries on research, development and technology transfer in the field of agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries;
  2. Co-ordinate, collect, collate and analyse data and information on agricultural research and ensure their publication and dissemination, and take inventory of all agricultural research in Uganda;
  3. Inspect facilities and any area where agricultural research is being carried out or intended to be carried out in Uganda;
  4. Register potential agricultural research service providers in the public and private sectors in Uganda; and
  5. Maintain a central register of agricultural research and development in Uganda.