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In the last decade of the 20th century NARO launched the Uganda Journal of\r\n Agricultural Sciences (UJAS). The journal was intended as one of the outlets for\r\n sharing erudite information on new developments in the agricultural and\r\n environmental sciences research sector with the various stakeholders.


This goal\r\n was partially achieved. Over the years there has been increased investment\r\n in agricultural sector, however information and knowledge sharing has been\r\n asymmetrical due to sub-optimal publication of the journal. This is inconsistent\r\n with the national and regional strategic plans that aim at transforming the\r\n food and the agricultural sector by 2040 in the case of Uganda. It is against\r\n this backdrop in information sharing that this strategy has been developed.

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The National Agricultural Research Organization (NARO), the apex body of agricultural research in Uganda, organizes scientific conferences biennially for all NARO stakeholders along the agricultural value chain in the country.


The second biennial conference was held during 3-7 November, 2014, at the Speke Resort, Munyonyo in Kampala, Uganda. The theme of the conference was "Connecting Agricultural Research to Society".


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Recent Publications

Fruit fly infestation in mango: A threat to the Horticultural sector in Uganda

C.M. Nankinga, B.E. Isabirye, H. Muyinza , I. Rwomushana, P.C. Stevenson, A. Mayamba ,W. Aool and A.M. Akol

Reaching out to farmers with plant health clinics in Uganda

C. Alokit, B. Tukahirwa, D. Oruka, M. Okotel , C. Bukenya and J. Mulema

Can protected areas work in artisanal fisheries of Uganda? The case of Lakes Edward-George and Kazinga Channel

S. Bassa, D. Mbabazi, A. Taabu-Munyaho , H. Nakiyende, E. Muhumuza, M. Nsega ,B. Amiina, E. Rukuunya, A. Bakunda and J.S. Balirwa

Proximate composition and mineral contents of Pebbly fish, Alestes baremoze (Joannis, 1835) fillets in relation to fish size

N. Kasozi, G .I. Degu, D. Asizua, J. Mukalazi and E. Kalany

Insecticide use and practices among cotton farmers in northern Uganda

J. Berocan A.M. Akol and T . Munyuli

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