UJAS Vol 14, No. 1, 2013

Vol 14, No. 1, 2013

Colletotrichum sublineolum, the causal agent of sorghum anthracnose, presents high variability, genetic instability and host specialisation, hence rapidly breaking down resistance. In Uganda, no population studies of Colletotrichum sublineolum have been reported hence there is limited information on the nature of epidemics and pathogen. The present study aims at investigating the genetic diversity within 124 Colletotrichum sublineolum isolates from Uganda. The inter-simple sequence repeats (ISSR) produced 37 polymorphicloci and neighbor-joining analysis revealed two major groups.

There were no major groups among all isolates in studies. Analysis of molecular variation (AMOVA) based on 7 agro-ecologies of Uganda revealed the presence of apopulation structure, (FST = 0.08 P = 0.05) leading to acceptance of null hypothesis stating a presence of population differentiation between the agro-ecologies in Uganda. Gene flow between agro-ecologies was 5.75 calculated from F ST. The results of the AMOVA analysis revealed the allelic variation (92.5%) was shared between populations.

Average gene diversity over all lociranged from 0.192 to 0.335 showing high diversity within population rather than betweenpopulations. The numbers of polymorphic loci were similar for the population studied

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Prevalence of sorghum anthracnose in different agro-ecologies of Uganda
Pages: 126-135
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J.P . Sserumaga, M. Biruma , A. Akwero , P. Okori and R. Edema

Genetic characterisation of Ugandan strains of Colletotrichum sublineolum using ISSR makers
Pages: 112-123
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J.P . Sserumaga , M. Biruma , A. Akwero , P. Okori and R. Edema

Contribution of granule bound starch synthase in kernel modification of quality protein maize
Pages: 102-109
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A. Nalukenge, G . Oballim , M. Maphosa , R. Edema , Y. Baguma and P . Okori

Ecological factors influencing incidence and severity of Coffee Leaf Rust and Coffee Berry Disease in major Arabica coffee growing districts of Uganda
Pages: 88-100
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R.J. Matovu , A. Kangire , N.A. Phiri , G .J. Hakiza , G .H. Kagezi and P .C. Musol

Anthelmintic efficacy of Albendazole, Levamisole and Ivermectin against gastrointestinal nematode (GIN) infections in goats on natural pastures in Gomba District, Uganda
Pages: 76-85
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G. Nsereko , P. Emudong , J.W . Magona , T . Odoch and J. Okwee-Acai

Participatory variety selection to enhance cowpea variety development and selection in northern region of Uganda
Pages: 58-73
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M. Orawu , P .J. Obuo and R.B. Omadi

Breeding for bean anthracnose resistance: Matching breeding interventions with people's livelihoods through participatory variety selection
Pages: 46-55
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S.T . Nkalubo , A. Namayanja , A.M. Ugen , P. Paparu , M. Otim and P . Asete

The effect of bleeding on the quality of farmed African catfish in Uganda
Pages: 38-44
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M. Masette , P . Olowo-Ochieng and D. Bamwirire

Maximising net returns to fertiliser use by financially constrained smallholder farmers in uganda
Pages: 24-35
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C. Kayuki Kaizzi , O. Semalulu , J. Byalebeka , J.A. Jansen , C.S. Wortmann , M.C. S tockton and A.K. Katwijukye

Seasonal effects on potato production under conventional and small seed plot technologies in the Mt. Elgon zone
Pages: 14-21
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F. Kagoda , A. Wasukira , K. Walimbwa , S. Wobibi and W.W . Wagoire

Influence of shade systems on spatial distribution and infestation of the Black Coffee Twig Borer on coffee in Uganda
Pages: 2-12
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G.H. Kagezi, P . Kucel, J. Kobusingye , L. Nakibuule , R. Wekhaso, G . Ahumuza, P . Musoli and A. Kangire

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