Vol.16 NO 1, 2015

The common dry bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) is the most widely grown food legume in Uganda,however, its production in western Uganda has been threatened by the bean root rot diseases.Resistant varieties and integrated soil and crop management package for the bean root rot disease,developed by the National Beans Research Programme, were promoted from 2003 to 2007 in Bushenyi and Kisoro Districts that were most susceptible to this disease.

This study was conducted to assess the level of uptake of technologies and practices promoted in the target area, and factors influencing the decision to adopt. Data were collected using a semi-structured questionnaire that was administered to 160 purposively selected bean farmers. The Poisson regression model was used to determine the factors influencing the number of technologies and practices used.

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Uptake of resistant varieties and integrated management packages for bean root rot disease in western Uganda
Pages: 2-18
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L. Nasirumbi Sanya , M.A. Ugen , F . Opio , J.I. Mugagga and A. Namayanja

Factors affecting conception rates in cattle following embryo transfer
Pages: 20-27
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M.N. Ongubo, H.A. Rachuonyo, F.N. Lusweti, D.K. Kios, J.K. Kitilit, K. Musee, W.K. Tonui,I.K. Lokwaleput and G.O. Oliech

Tephrosia vogelii for control of fleas in free-range poultry
Pages: 30-41
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R.A. Isabirye and E. Mecleod

Detection and identification of etiological agents (Liberibacter spp.) associated with citrus greening disease in Uganda
Pages: 44-54
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A. Kalyebi, G. Aisu, I. Ramathani, J. Ogwang, N. McOwen and P. Russell

Responses of east African highland banana (EAHB-AAA) cultivars to drought stress
Pages: 56-81
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S.N. Kayongo , J.M. Sebuliba and K. Nyombi

Effect of supplementing lactating goats fed on aflatoxin contaminated feed with calcium bentonite and activated charcoal on aflatoxin M1 concentration, excretion and carryover in milk
Pages: 84-92
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S. Mugerwa , J. Kabirizi and E. Zziwa

Comparison of in vitro digestibility using slaughtered and fistulated cattle as sources of inoculum
Pages: 94-98
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G.A. Beyihayo , R. Omaria , C. Namazzi and A. Atuhaire

Prevalence of common gastro-intestinal nematode infections in commercial goat farms in Central Uganda
Pages: 100-106
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G. Nsereko, P. Emudong, H. Mulindwa and J. Okwee-Acai

Smallholder local chicken production and available feed resources in central Uganda
Pages: 108-113
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M. Mwesigwa, J. Semakula, P . Lusembo, J. Ssenyonjo, R. Isabirye, R. Lumu and T . Namirimu

Effect of pre-incubation and incubation conditions on hatchability and chick quality of Kuroiler chickens
Pages: 116-127
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M. Mwesigwa, J. Semakula, P . Lusembo, J. Ssenyonjo, R. Isabirye, R. Lumu and T . Namirimu

Determination of hormonal combination for increased multiplication of tissue culture potato plantlets
Pages: 130-137
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F. Nuwagira, S.B. Mukasa, W.W. Wagoire , P. Namugga, I.N. Kashaija and A. Barekye

Performance of elite grain sorghum varieties in the West Nile Agro-ecological Zones
Pages: 140-148
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E. Awori, M. Kiryowa, A. Basirika, F . Dradiku, R. Kahunza, A. Oriba, C. Edonia, R. Olupot 1 and J. Mukalazi

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Fruit fly infestation in mango: A threat to the Horticultural sector in Uganda

C.M. Nankinga, B.E. Isabirye, H. Muyinza , I. Rwomushana, P.C. Stevenson, A. Mayamba ,W. Aool and A.M. Akol

Reaching out to farmers with plant health clinics in Uganda

C. Alokit, B. Tukahirwa, D. Oruka, M. Okotel , C. Bukenya and J. Mulema

Can protected areas work in artisanal fisheries of Uganda? The case of Lakes Edward-George and Kazinga Channel

S. Bassa, D. Mbabazi, A. Taabu-Munyaho , H. Nakiyende, E. Muhumuza, M. Nsega ,B. Amiina, E. Rukuunya, A. Bakunda and J.S. Balirwa

Proximate composition and mineral contents of Pebbly fish, Alestes baremoze (Joannis, 1835) fillets in relation to fish size

N. Kasozi, G .I. Degu, D. Asizua, J. Mukalazi and E. Kalany

Insecticide use and practices among cotton farmers in northern Uganda

J. Berocan A.M. Akol and T . Munyuli

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