UJAS VOL. 16 No.2

VOL. 16 No.2, 2015

Potato yields in Uganda have remained low at 7.5 t ha-1. This low yield is attributed to low yielding varieties, poor management practices and lack of quality seed potatoes among other factors. This study was conducted to ascertain the challenges and opportunities of quality seed potatoavailability and production in the southwestern highlands agro-ecological zone (SWHAEZ).

A total of 15 farmer groups were randomly selected from a sample size of 200 farmers and individually interviewed. The results of study indicated that high transaction costs (43.5%), lack of clear seed delivery system (40.5%) and limited information on the source of seed (14.0%) were the main constraints limiting farmers' access to and use of quality seed potato.

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Challenges and opportunities for quality seed potato availability and production in Uganda
Pages: 150-159
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A.R. Aheisibwe, A. Barekye, P . Namugga and A. A. Byarugaba

Variability and trait relationships among finger millet accessions in Uganda
Pages: 162-176
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L. Owere, P. T ongoona , J. Derera and N. Wanyera

Effectiveness of a biological control agent Palexorista gilvoides in controlling Gonometa podorcarpi in conifer plantations of Uganda
Pages: 178-185
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P. Kiwuso, R. Tumuhimbise, S. Sempala, R. Kakayi, R. Gwokyalya, V. Namuyanja,D. Mukwasibwe and W. Mafabi

Inheritance of resistance to (NGR1) pathogen isolates of Pyricularia grisea in GULU-E finger millet last resistant variety of Uganda
Pages: 188-194
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J.C. Aru, N. Wanyera and P . Okor

Amelioration of sandy soils in drought stricken areas through use of Ca-bentonite
Pages: 196-205
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O. Semalulu, M. Magunda and D.N. Mubiru

Farmer awareness, coping mechanisms and economic implications of coffee leaf rust disease in Uganda
Pages: 208-217
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H. Luzinda, M. Nelima , A. Wabomba, A. Kangire , P .C. Musoli and R. Musebe

Improved open-sun drying method for local swamp rice in Uganda
Pages: 220-230
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A. Candia, E.T. Oker., J. Lamo, G.L. Obeti, J. Yawe, O.S.E. Adur O. S. E., A.R. Saasa, J. Muzei, J. Olupot, S. Epiku, W. Okiror and I. Mutinda

Germination of Afrocarpus usambarensis and Podocarpus milanjianus seeds in Sango Bay , Uganda
Pages: 232-244
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R. Nabanyumya, J. Obua and S.B. Tumwebaze

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