Vol 15 No. 2, 2014

Intensification of aquaculture production in Uganda is likely to result into disease out-breaks leading to economic losses to commercial fish farms and associated natural aquatic ecosystems.
This survey assessed health profiles of selected commercial fish farms and adjacent natural aquatic ecosystemsto identify fish diseases and parasites affecting Nile tilapia (Oreochroms
niloticus) and African catfish (Clarias gariepinus) in aquaculture systems in Uganda. Fish farms encounter disease out-breaks that cause low survival rates (0 - 30%), especially catfish hatcheries.

Health management issues are not well understood by fish farmers, with some unable to detect diseased fish. Current control strategies to control aquatic pathogens include use of chemotherapeutants and antibiotics.

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Relative abundance of sweetpotato whitefly in orange-fleshed sweetpotato cultivars at Umudike, south-east Nigeria
Pages: 158-164
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C.N. Ehisianya and J.C. Njoku

Implications of Black Coffee Twig Borer on cocoa in Uganda
Pages: 180-189
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G.H. Kagezi, P. Kucel, J.P. Egonyu, G. Ahumuza , L. Nakibuule, J. Kobusinge and W.W. Wagoire

Exploring cost-effective maize integrated weed management approaches under intensive farming systems
Pages: 192-198
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M. Kaiira, F . Kagoda and R. Gidoi

Growth performance of 5-year old Pinus caribaea var. hondurensis (Barr. and Golf.) in selected districts of Uganda
Pages: 128-135
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F. Kalanzi, S. Nansereko, P. Okullo, S. Gwali , I. Kiyingi and R.T. Guuroh

Assessment of farmers' knowledge and preferences for planting materials to fill-gaps in banana plantations in southwestern Uganda
Pages: 166-178
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H. Lwandasa, G.H. Kagezi, A.M. Akol, J.W . Mulumba, R. Nankya, C. Fadda and D.I. Jarvis

Evaluation and delivery of disease-resistant and micronutrient-dense sweetpotato varieties to farmers in Uganda
Pages: 102-111
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G. Ssemakula , C. Niringiye , M. Otema, G . Kyalo , J. Namakula and R.O.M. Mwanga

Common fish diseases and parasites affecting wild and farmed Tilapia and catfish in Central and Western Uganda
Pages: 114-125
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J. Walakira, P. Akoll, M. Engole, M. serwadda , M. Nkambo, V. Namulawa, G. Kityo, F. Musimbi, I. Abaho, H. Kasigwa, D. Mbabazi, D. Kahwa, I. Naigaga, D. Birungi, J. Rutaisire and S. Majalija

Culturing the African lungfish in Uganda: Effects of exogenous fish feed on growth performance in tanks
Pages: 138-155
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J.K. Walakira, J.J. Molnar, R. Phelps and J. T erhune

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Proximate composition and mineral contents of Pebbly fish, Alestes baremoze (Joannis, 1835) fillets in relation to fish size

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