NARO Background

Company history

Our Journey Since 1898

Evolution of Agricultural Research in Uganda



Establishment of the forestry and scientific department

1919 - 1930

Establishment of the Experimental Station at Kadungulu, Sims: and Serere in Teso; Bukalasa, Kikumiro, Kituza and Masaka in central region; Fort portal and Namenage in the western parts of the country


Nakawa Forestry Research Center was established.


East African Trypanosomiasis Research Organization (EATRO) now home of NALIRRI was founded


Establishment of Agricultural Research and Development Centres (ARDCs) to enhance access to research services to farmers in remote rural areas


Establishment of the Botanic Gardens for evaluation of crops that could be grown for export and food security for the Ugandan protectorate

1907 - 1910

Transformation of the Forestry and Scientific Department into Botanical, Forestry and Scientific Department and then into the Department of Agriculture with the mandate of improving the quality of primary commodities for export

1937 - 1990

The research division relocated to Kawanda and expansion of research under different ministries notably, crops, fisheries and forestry initiated.


East African Fisheries Research Organization (EAFRO) was established


Establishment of National Agricultural Research Organization (NARO) by NARO statute 1992 as a semi-autonomous institution and a body corporate; thus consolidation research in crops, livestock, fisheries and forestry under one institution


Reconstitution of the National Agriculture Research Systems (NARS) under the umbrella of a new NARO.