Abi Zonal Agricultural Research and Development Institute


The Arua Rhino camp road divides the farm into two parts i.e., Northern and Southern parts. It occupies 208 Acres (83.2 hectares) of land and a satellite station in Nebbi District of about 22 Acres, hence the overall ownership of the Institute is 230 Acres. Abi ZARDI lies at border Junction between Southern Sudan, DRC and Uganda.

Administratively, it is situated Arua City, Ayivu East Division, shared Ombokoro, Ewadri and Odravu Wards respectively. Under lower local government, it is neighbored by the following Cells; Yabia Voko in the west, Oboopi West in the North, Egara in north-east, Adroi in southeastern and Oluodri East Cell in the southwestern.

According on One elder (Late Aia 90 years), Abi Land was once a battle field for the two clans of Oyoo and Oboopi. Until late 1900s when Oboopi clan finally won and occupied it permanently.


A competitive society supported by a dynamic agricultural research innovation system.


To innovate for a sustainable agricultural transformation.


Oversee, guide and coordinate agricultural research.

Brief History of AbiZARDI

By the year 1922, two war veterans (Bazil Busby [Abuni] and George Stubbs (Atachwa) from Germany came looking for farmland and got Oboopi clan under the leadership of their eldest son called Mr. Ombanya. He sold the land to the Germans at peanut price.

The war veterans from Germany opened the land and begun farming of tobacco and other crops and built a factory. Overtime, they started giving in-kind assistance to the neighbors and they were nick named A’BI meaning grandfathers.

However, during the 2nd world, the two Germany war veterans were chased away by British and were forced to relocate their factory to Iganga district in Busoga region.

The British decided to rename Abi as Variety Trial Center (VTC) for testing different crop varieties targeting the European Market.

Until the year 1962 when Uganda attained her Independence, the British handed over the Variety Trial Center to the government of the Republic of Uganda. Then the farm became the District Farm Institute (DFI). The institute continued to provide agricultural extension services through tailor-made trainings; good agronomy practices, Post-harvest management, seed multiplication, supplies agricultural inputs, farm mechanization etc.

When NARO in the year 2000/2001 beg    an outreach station for improved technologies the DFI was upgraded to serve as Agricultural Research and Development Centre (ARDC). Until the year 2005/06 through the National Agricultural Research (NAR, Act, 2005), the institute acquired the ZARDI status for West Nile Agro-ecological Zone (WNAEZ).

The West Nile Agro Ecological Zone covers a total of 13 districts namely; Arua City, Arua, Terego, Madi-Okollo, Maracha, Koboko, Terego, Yumbe, Moyo, Adjumani, Obongi, Pakwach Nebbi and Zombo.


The Institute is located North-Western of Kampala, about 530kms away in Arua City.

It is 8kms away from City Centre along Arua-Rhino Camp Road.

Geographically, Abi lies N.N.E of Arua City Centre, on Grid reference 3° 04’32.53’’N – 30° 56’ 34.42’’ E and altitude 1190m Above Sea Level


Dr. John Walakira

Director of Research

Ejua Peace Clement

Research Officer / Rural Sociologist

Acema Dan

Agroforestry Scientist

Etin John

Planning, Monitoring and & Evaluation Officer

Iwe Gerald Degu

Senior Research Technician

Aluma Pontius, CPA

Ag. Accountant

Komuntaro Godwin

Animal Heath Technician

Eyosuru Oliver

Agroforestry Technician (Volunteer)

Amaku Simon

Assistant Systems Administrator (Volunteer)

Ocan Abdu


Institute Programs/Activities

Crop and Natural Resources Research program

Animal Resources Research program

Technology Promotion and outreach program

Work with us: Application Procedure for Volunteers and Internships

Volunteers: Interested persons are advised to write and deliver applications to AbiZARDI on weekdays.

Internships: AbiZARDI runs one internship program annually. Students are advised to deliver applications and university recommendations to the Institute on weekdays.