ZARDIs were established under the 2005 National Agricultural Research System Act of 2005 and are all semi-autonomous. Over the years, the institute has transitioned from a District Farm Institute (DFI) to an Agricultural Research and Development Centre (ARDC) and finally to its current state.

Mukono ZARDI is one of the nine Zonal Agricultural Research Institutes (ZARDIs) under the National Agricultural Research Organisation (NARO).


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MuZARDI is mandated to carry out applied and adaptive research for the Lake Victoria Crescent Agro-ecological Zone.

To achieve this, Mukono ZARDI is focused on production and dissemination of demand driven and market responsive research technologies for the zone.

Our Journey and Milestone

To ensure that agricultural technologies developed by NARO reach and benefit communities within the Lake Victoria Agro-ecological Zone (LVAEZ). Mukono ZARDI has transitioned over the years from a District Farm Institute (DFI) to an Agricultural Research & Development Centre (ARDC) to a Zonal Agricultural Research Institute.


Mukono ZARDI is led by a Director of Research who is overseen by the Advisory Committee that comprises five members selected from both the public and government sector.

The workforce is categorized under three programmes; Crop and Natural Resources, Technology Promotion and Outreach and Livestock Research programmes. These are headed by programme heads.


MUZARDI is located in Ntawo village within Mukono district, 20km East of Kampala and 2km off the Jinja-Kampala highway. It has two stations, one in Mukono that sits on 41 hectares and a satellite station in Kamenyamiggo, Lwengo district that sits on 320 hectares. Mukono ZARDI is mandated to carry out adaptive agricultural research and technology dissemination in the Lake Victoria Crescent Agro-ecological Zone.

Community Engagements & Outreach

For the institute to create a lasting impact in the Lake Victoria Crescent Zone, it carries out several outreach activities that enhance technology transfer among clients. These are through exhibitions, agricultural shows organized within and beyond the Zone, farmer exchange visits, farmer and school competitions, open days and field visits. These are carried out in partnership with farmers, district extension staff, Non-Governmental Organizations and local governments in the 22 districts of the Zone.

Operational Area

Mukono ZARDI serves 22 Districts of Central Uganda which include; Mubende, Mityana, Luwero, Kyankwanzi, Mukono, Kayunga, Nakasongola, Nakaseke, Masaka, Kalangala, Buikwe, Kalungu, Lwengo, Mpigi, Kampala, Bukomansimbi, Gomba, Butambala, Buvuma, Wakiso, Kiboga and Kasanda. It is the most populous region with about 10 million people.

Strategic/Thematic Areas for MUZARDI

Innovative Research

  • Focus on catchment specific demand-driven research

Applied Research

  • Support existing knowledge by gap filling
  • Adaptive trials

Training & Incubation

  • Training
  • Product & prototype testing
  • Market launch

Technology Promotion

  • Demos
  • Technology expos
  • Strategic partnerships

Focus Areas of Research

Crop and Natural Resources Research Programme
  • Urban and peri-urban farming for income and food security
  • Agro forestry with high value technologies like apples
  • Soil management research
  • Seed and planting material multiplication of improved plant varieties
Livestock Research Programme
  • Aquaculture research and management technologies
  • Piggery research
  • Poultry research
  • Research on beef and dairy cattle management on small acreage
Technology Promotion and Outreach Programmes
  • Training and consultancies for improved agricultural technologies & soft skills
  • Promotion and provision of outreach services for NARO technologies
  • Provision of internships and volunteering opportunities for young scientists

Other Services at MUZARDI

  • One-day training tours; Mukono ZARDI offers trainings that are conducted under the one day tour programme.
  • Conference facilities; the Institute also offers workshop services that include a training and conference rooms, hostel, television, catering unit and beautiful gardens.
  • Corporate responsibility: With its own football pitch, Mukono ZARDI supports a local youth team NARO Ntawo FC that benefits the youth in the community.

Who we work with

  • District local governments in the LVCAZ;
  • Community based organizations and NGOs;
  • Farmers, youth and women groups;
  • Schools and universities like Kyambogo and Makerere Universities;
  • Other NARO institutes;
  • Integrated Seed Sector Development (ISSD),
  • International universities.

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