NaCORI to unveil Cyclists, Athlete energy booster products

Nacori to unveil cyclists, athletes’ Energy Booster products

The National Coffee Research Institute (NaCORI) is working with the Uganda Cycling Association to develop and promote energy boosting innovations from coffee for athletes and cyclists.

The different coffee value-added products will act as natural stimulants that enhance physical performance and increase alertness, which are beneficial to the athletes and cyclists.

The Director of Research at NaCORI, Dr. Geofrey Arinaitwe, says the products include coffee and cocoa based energy bars and drinks.

‘‘These products will support our cyclists, footballers, athletes and musicians to get clean and reliable energy. Also, we will enhance opportunities for job creation and increase on household incomes among communities,’’ he explained.

According to Mr.  Augustine Niyonziima, the director Cycling Academy of Uganda:

‘‘Coffee is easily accessible and not very expensive as other stimulants used by atheletes. Coffee helps to enhance performance, improve focus and alertness to people who use it.’’

Studies to support the research process into these products are already ongoing. NaCORI recently supported a cycling event organized by the Uganda Cyclists Academy at Namugoona

Some of the key partners include; cycling clubs in Uganda, media houses, delegates from the French Embassy,Uganda Cycling Association, community leaders, NEMA and schools.

The partnership between NaCORI and the Uganda Cycling Association will also support environmental conservation efforts in selected schools in Kampala, Wakiso, Mukono and Luwero. The campaign will involve tree planting activities in areas adversely affected by deforestation. The trees will include coffee, cocoa and fruit trees, which shall also be used for study purposes by the schools.

‘‘The trees will be planted in school gardens and compounds and we shall have an opportunity to teach students the different types of coffee grown in Uganda and why it is important to grow coffee since it one of Uganda’s main cash crops’’, Niyonziima explained.

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