COVID-19 Protocols

NARO SOPs & Guidelines on COVID-19 for Visitors.

The world is currently faced with a pandemic of COVID-19, a new virus that spreads so fast through droplet infection, especially in crowded places and causes illness. Since it’s new, there is no immunity against it. Therefore, it is important that we practice preventive measures.

All visitors MUST adhere to the following;

Wear a Mask

Please properly wear a well-fitting mask when visiting any of our offices. The mask should be kept on even when talking. You will be denied access to ANY public facilities without a MASK.

Sanitize First

If you must conduct in-person engagements, please sanitize your hands before approaching our team members. We have installed handwashing stations outside our offices, and hand sanitisers are also available from either the Security Personnel or the office managers inside the premises.

Social Distance

So as to protect yourself and our staff please deny any urge to touch, offer handshakes or hugs at this time. Try the elbow bump as an alternative means of greeting.

Do not enter if you have symptoms

If you are coughing excessively or if you have a fever and the sniffles combined with aches, it would be best advised that you do not enter the premises. Kindly use our electronic channels, or give us a call and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Please follow all requirements and recommendations provided by the Ministry of Health.


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