NARORICE-5, Code IR1052 (Achomai)

Special attributes

Early Maturity: 130 Days After Planting, 50% flowering: early (105 Days After Planting, Yield: 6,400 tons/ha, Culm length: 54cm, Plant height: Culm length, very short (54 cm), overall height. Panicle type: Panicle exertion. Flag leaf: large, short, attitude, semi erect Leaf: collar color-green; Ligule color: Yellowish green Color of internodes no ACYN underlying: light gold Grain: awnless, lemma color straw, size long big grains lines SUPA V88, Milled grain: white, short Milling: Milling % (65), Whole grain (85), Quality: Amylose content (21.8), Alkali spreading value (7.2), Gel consistency (65 mm). Taste: Highly Aromatic. Texture: extends, soft on cooking, non-pasty. Resistance to: RYMV, Rice blast and BLS.