The Crop and Natural Resources Management research agenda is guided by the need to address major production challenges which include planting material, pests and diseases, and low productivity. As a result, research generate and promote crop and natural resources management technologies and practices that are suitable for short rain season to increase crop productivity in the zone. These improved seed and planting materials include Cereals (sorghum, maize, finger &pearl millet) root crops (cassava, sweet potatoes) pulses (beans), oil crops (simsim, sunflower) green gram, cowpeas, vegetables and trees. In addition to good agricultural practices such as soil fertility management and water harvesting options, integrated disease and pest management technologies and post-harvest handling. These technologies are climate resilient, high yielding, early maturing, drought and pest tolerant and are intended to spur sustainable food, nutrition and income security in the Teso Karamoja drylands.