30th Seeds of Gold Farm Clinic Held at Fisheries Resources Research Institute – Kajjansi

NARO and Nation media group held the 30th Seeds of Gold Farm Clinic at the fisheries resources research institute –Kajjansi on 11 November 2022.

The theme was Fisheries and poultry.  areas of fisheries training were seed selection, feed production, disease management, and value addition while on poultry it was on general management, housing, and nutrition. A total of 300 people attended the event. Dr. Yona Baguma (Deputy Director General of Research Coordination) who also represented the Director General applauded farmers for coming in large numbers even though it was a rainy morning. He highlighted NARO’s mandate and operational structure with a presence in all 9 agroecological zones. “NARO has developed improved technologies, if you make good use of them your lives can change for the better. “You cannot do agriculture with only money; you need the right knowledge” Consult and learn from technocrats right from seed selection, soil and water management, and general farm management, he emphasized.

NARO is aware of the ever-increasing population, the pressure it puts on land, and that it will need food.  especially public land and that’s why all land under NARO is held in public trust and protected at all costs. That’s why one can still see land within an urban setting.  In every home, NARO is the silent guest in form of cassava, potatoes, and maize, chances are that it is from NARO.

He appreciated farmers for supporting the economic base because without farmers the economy will not be stable. He urged the participants to see and learn as much as they can during the training and to always do agriculture with a business mind by first securing food security and then taking the surplus to the market. It was also made known that NARO is currently carrying out breeding work on local chickens collected from across the country and in the near future, these breeds will be distributed to interested farmers across the country. He concluded by appreciating the Bank of Uganda and NSSF’s contribution towards access to credit, a solution to the lack of access to credit that most farmers face.

Dr. Kassim Sadik’s remarks thanked NMG for support to NARO over the years and said if there is anything they have done right without controversy then it is the farm clinics. He too appreciated the participants for their attendance and highlighted the fact that the greater Kampala metropolitan is full of hills and valleys and urged them to increasingly put the valleys to their rightful purpose for environmental sustainability.  He emphasized the factors of production like land, capital, labor, and entrepreneurship and advised farmers to take advantage of the partners including NSSF, Bank of Uganda, and Stanbic bank to access the capital required for their businesses.

Speaking at the event, the host Director of Research Dr. Winnie Nkalubo informed farmers that the farm clinic training will address the entire value chain including aquaculture – production, quality, stocking, feeding, and disease control. “I encourage you to not only actively participate but also regularly visit the center even after the training. “She beckoned. The Seeds of Gold Farm Clinic are supported by Stanbic Bank, NSSF, Nation media group, Bank of Uganda, and Daily monitor and Zegotis.

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NARO and Nation media group held the 30th Seeds of Gold Farm Clinic at the fisheries resources research institute…
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