NARO Hosts President of Guinea Republic

His Excellency Professor Alpha Conde of the Republic of Guinea, visited the National Livestock Resources Research Institute (NaLLIRI) in Nakyesasa in May 2021.

This was a result of initial discussions between H.E President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’s visit to Guinea in 2018 where it was agreed that the two countries would collaborate in Agricultural Research, Production, and marketing in the sector. Agro-processing, health, mining energy, hydrocarbons, and defense and security are some of the other areas of mutual interest to both countries.

During the visit, HE Alpha Conde toured the regional animal health diagnostics laboratory, the intensive zero waste dairy platform, and an exhibition. The intensive zero waste dairy production system ensures that all waste in the form of urine and dung is turned into high-value products like bio-methane (purified biogas), bio-electricity, organic pesticides, liquid soap, organic fertilizer, and livestock feed. President Alpha was made aware of NARO’s plan to replicate the intensive zero waste dairy production concept across Uganda.

In his remarks, H.E Conde who was very impressed with what he saw at the institute, said, “There is nothing to envy about livestock production in Norway and Holland. What I have seen here is way above what I saw in Norway and Holland. I have visited Morocco and thought that their livestock production system was most advanced in Africa, but from what I have seen, Uganda is ahead,”

Hon Vincent Sempijja (The Minister of Agriculture, Animal Industries and Fisheries) in his remarks thanked HE Apha Conde for the visit and informed him that the circular dairy system with a zero-waste concept is comparable to none in Africa. The vaccinology platform too had a design that cannot be found anywhere else.

The minister also informed President Conde that the scientists are in advanced stages of animal disease management for some of the most prevalent diseases including; foot and mouth disease, ticks borne diseases and African swine fever. The development of an anti-tick vaccine is in advanced stages and the planned roll out of the vaccines for validation by farmers is slated for later in the year.

President Conde also toured a mini-exhibition to get a glimpse of the innovations of diverse technologies developed by NARO that could be of interest to the Republic of Guinea.

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