NARO participates in the Farmer Mobilization and Education (Kisoboka) program

The Office of the Prime Minister together with the Ministry of Agriculture Animal Industries and Fisheries (MAAIF) and all its agencies participated in a Farmer mobilization and education program dumbed Kisoboka. Kisoboka is a Luganda word for “it’s possible.”
The campaign was launched on the 18th of August 2023 in the five districts of central Uganda; including Mubende; Mityana, Kassanda, Kiboga, and Kyankwanzi districts. The venues were Kiryokya Primary School, Kasanda Saza Ground, Mubende Kasaana Playground, Kiboga Saza Ground, and Kyankwanzi District Headquarters respectively.

This drive is part of a policy proposal by MAAIF for a nationwide campaign to boost and support the access, production, and certification of quality seed, distribution, productivity, mechanization, and irrigation for the benefit of farmers in agriculture.

During the event, NARO showcased technologies to farmers along the value chain in Aquaculture, cassava, coffee, banana, vegetable, machinery, pastures, maize, beans, and seed from NARO Holdings. These included among others maize (Longe 5D), beans (NAROBEAN 2, 3 & 6), soybean (Maksoy 3N & 6N) seed & bio-fertilizer (NuGro bio-activator), different fish feeds (floating and sinking) and the black soldiers fly feeds, banana sucker and tissue culture materials of NAROBAN 5 and coffee seedlings under the latest KR series.

Ms. Catherine Nazziwa explains to the guests about fish production, management, and available feeds in Mityana

All stakeholders in the agricultural sector took part in this campaign. These included Several private companies and MAAIF agencies like NAGRIC, UCDA, NARO, NAADs, and projects of multi-sector food, and nutrition. Other government ministries that participated included Health, Roads, Land, Electricity, and Education as they showcased their products and services alongside knowledge-sharing sessions.

While officiating at the Kisoboka event in Mityana, Prime Minister Rt Hon. Robinah Nabbanja noted, that the event is to be carried out annually as a Presidential directive to provide appropriate services to the public for better livelihood and incomes.

At Kiryokya Primary School in Mityana; two hand-driven tractors were given to farmers while agricultural or extension staff received five motorcycles to enhance service delivery. Other items like seeds, fertilizers, and hoes were also sold to farmers at low prices in preparation for the planting season. The campaigns are targeting youths, farmers, and input dealers among others.


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