ZUKUKA-KISOBOKA campaign drive

The 2nd round of the Office of the Rt. Hon. Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja in Central region under the farmer mobilization and education campaign took place in Greater Luwero region from 1-3rd September 2023. This is part of the ZUKUKA drive that is to cover the different agro-ecological zones of Uganda.

The campaign also aims to boost the production, productivity, and profitability of agriculture. The NARO team used the opportunity to disseminate technologies and build the capacity of stakeholders in the Nakaseke, Nakasongola, and Luwero districts.

While accompanying the Prime Minister at Nakaseke, the Minister of State for Micro-finance Hon. Haji Haruna Kasolo called on the public to utilize the ‘Myogga’ funds to develop and invest in agricultural projects or enterprises like poultry rearing to earn a living and make their lives better. These were told that one could pay back after one year so that other stakeholders could benefit.

He advised the public to work hard and indulge in businesses where they earn daily so as to accumulate funds and get rich. He also cautioned them against unnecessary spending.


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