Parliamentarians commend NARO’s Strides in Livestock Research

Parliamentarians commend NARO’s Strides in Livestock Research

Hon. Janet A. Okori-Moe, the Chairperson of the Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture, Animal Industry, and Fisheries (PACOA), recently lauded NARO’s endeavors at NaLIRRI in combating prevalent livestock challenges such as foot and mouth disease and tick infestation.

During the Committee’s visit to NaLIRRI on April 8th, 2024, Hon. Okori-Moe expressed her appreciation for NARO’s initiatives. She led a delegation of 18 Members of Parliament and their technical personnel to witness and understand the breadth of NARO’s work across six Public Agricultural Research Institutes.

This visit aligns with PACOA’s mandate and NARO’s outreach strategy aimed at disseminating developed technologies. NARO organized high-profile technology showcasing events at these institutes, aiming to equip agents of change with new innovations to positively impact community livelihoods.

In her address, Hon. Janet A. Okori-Moe shared insights into the Committee’s evolving perception of NARO’s contributions. She stated,

“Four years ago, I became convinced of NARO’s efficacy. Witnessing their capability to produce foot and mouth disease vaccines prompted us to advocate for budget allocations to support the establishment of the anti-tick production facility.”

She emphasized the importance of investing in local vaccine production, citing its cost-effectiveness and efficacy. She continued, “We’ve observed significant progress, especially in combating mycotoxins, a prevalent challenge affecting our agricultural exports.”

Dr. Yona Baguma, the Director-General of NARO, expressed gratitude for the Committee’s oversight role and government support. He highlighted the increasing funding for NARO over the past five years, indicating the government’s commitment to agricultural research. Dr. Baguma emphasized NARO’s pivotal role in fostering food security and applauded the country’s progress in anti-tick vaccinology. He stated,

“Uganda is now a global leader in anti-tick vaccine production, a testament to consistent investment in this endeavor.”

He outlined NARO’s plans to ramp up vaccine production significantly, projecting substantial cost savings for the country. He emphasized the need for additional resources to address mycotoxin contamination effectively.

NaLIRRI has recently made strides in operationalizing the anti-tick production facility, including staff recruitment, equipment procurement, and training of 5 additional scientist in vaccine production.
The visit underscored the critical role of NaLIRRI in addressing livestock-related challenges and promoting innovation for national development.


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