NARO’s contributions towards development and uptake of Nutrient rich foods in Uganda

National Nutrition Forum

NARO strategies to ensure continued development and uptake of Nutrient-rich Food in Uganda.

A team of NARO scientists showcased their contributions and plans to the development and uptake of Nutrient rich foods in Uganda. This was done during the 3rd National Nutrition Forum (NNF) organized by the Office of the Prime Minister with partners on 13th to 17th May 2024.  The theme of the 3rd NNF was;

“Unlocking Nutrition’s Potential: Accelerating Multi-sectoral Actions and Strategic Investments for Enhanced Nutrition Security.”

The aim of the 3rd NNF was “to promote integrated policy research, identify innovative policy solutions and investments for nutrition interventions, and accelerate progress towards national nutrition targets and development goals.” The forum was an opportunity to showcase developments, share experiences and ideas among stakeholders, disseminate research results and provide networking opportunities. The outcomes of the forum are expected to enhance the effective implementation of Uganda Nutrition Action Plan (UNAP) II and to inform UNAP III.

During the Forum, Director MUZARDI, Dr. Barbara M. Zawedde, was honored to share NARO’s Strategies to ensure continued Development and Uptake of Nutrient –rich Foods in Uganda the Agriculture session titled High-Level Statements on Food Security and Nutrition Sub-Theme.

The Rt. Honorable Prime Minister, Robinah Nabbanja, who officiated at the Forum visited the NARO stalls where crop varieties and value-added products generated by NARO including Iron and Zinc-rich beans, Iron-rich millet, orange-fleshed banana, maize and sweet potato (high in Pro-Vitamin A) as well as purple-fleshed sweet potato (high in antioxidants) were exhibited. She was happy to learn that these products can contribute to import substitution in the agro-industrialization Programme. NARO has generated these products with support from various development partners including CGIAR centers and funders such as USAID Feed the Future Agriculture Activity.

The 3rd National Nutrition Forum (NNF) brought together stakeholders involved in the Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) network. The SUN movement recognizes five platforms/networks: the Government-led platform, Civil Society Network, Development Partners’ Network, Academia and Research Network, and the Business Network. During the Forum, the Academia and Research Network (SUN-AREN), which brings together all academic and research institutions including NARO was launched by the Office of the Prime Minister.

Third National Nutrition Forum (NNF), 13-17th May 2024 Conference paper

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