Why Work with NARO

Working at NARO , Uganda goes far beyond just having a job to make ends meet. With a job at our company, you have exciting new possibilities to follow your curiosity wherever it takes you.

We have various NARO Institutes(NARIs) and Zonal Agricultural Development Research (ZARDIs) from which you can gain a wealth of knowledge and expertise in Agriculture and related fields.




We currently have no job openings

How to apply

  1. Applications should be accompanied by the latest detailed CV, Copies of academic Certificates,
  2. Two Passport size photographs, a copy of a National ID, copy of a valid practising
  3. Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.
  4. Late submissions SHALL NOT be accepted.

Trainings and Conferences

NARO extends learning to farmers and entrepreneurs whose interests lie in agriculture by carrying out trainings and Organizing conferences for Ugandans in different parts of the country.

Competitive Grants Scheme

The National Agricultural Research Organization (NARO) operates a research Competitive Grant Scheme (CGS) for the National Agricultural Research System (NARS) which comprises the Public Agricultural Research institutes (PARIs), Universities, Community Based Organizations (CBOs), Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), and Local Governments, Private researchers, tertiary institutions, innovators, Agroindustry actors, Extension Agents. This is done to strengthen the NARS through mobilizing the best available scientific expertise in the public and private sectors to work on specific high priority projects in accordance with the national agricultural development strategies; promoting research partnership and collaboration; improve research quality and increase total research funding. The Competitive Grant Scheme (CGS) for the NARS was established in 2004. The first Competitive Grant activity in NARO was under the Client-Oriented Agricultural Research and Development (COARD) project funded by DIFD. in eastern Uganda in the year 2004 and, some further projects under cohorts I and II between 2006 to 2012 were supported by the European Union and while some were funded by the World Bank. These CGS projects are implemented following the Competitive Grants Scheme Guidelines and procedures.



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