• Feb 12, 2023
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A Guide Through Entebbe Botanic Gardens

It is hoped that this guide through the Entebbe Botanic Gardens will meet a long-felt public desire and that the numerous visitors to the Gardens will find it an inspiration as they wander through what can truthfully be described as one of the beauty spots of East Africa. The Gardens is a popular stop over for visitors to Uganda on their way from or to Entebbe International Airport. At just 34km from Kampala, the Gardens are also a popular place for the city dwellers to spend a weekend away from the routine noises and hectic chores of the city.The historic Botanic Gardens together with the National Genebank comprise the Plant Genetic Resources Centre of the National Agricultural Research Organization. The mission of the centre is to ensure the conservation, management and sustainable use of Uganda's Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture (PGRFA) while optimizing their full potential in contributing to national development goals.

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