• May 11, 2022
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NARO Technology Compendium 2012-2022

NARO conducts research guided by a research agenda aimed at solving food and nutrition insecurity;
unlocking employment opportunities and wealth creation; increasing production and productivity;
value addition, market access and institutional capacity development for improved livelihoods and sustainable agricultural transformation.

This is achieved through generating and promoting of Technologies, Innovations and Management Practices (TIMPS) in crops, livestock, forestry and fisheries as well as integration of Indigenous Knowledge with modern scientific methods in the research agenda such as biodiversity conservation, characterisation and bio-prospecting.

Guided by her mission and goals, NARO implements a client and impact oriented, market responsive research agenda through its 16 Public Agricultural Research Institutes (PARIs) (7 National Agricultural Research Institutes, 9 Zonal Agricultural Research Institutes).

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