• Oct 14, 2023
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NARO Variety Allocation List

The National Agricultural Research Organisation (NARO) informs the general public especially the agro-input dealers, seed buyers and farmers that in a bid to ensure quality assurance and stewardship of seed to the end-users, seed companies that fulfilled requirements signed license agreements. The public is hereby informed that the following seed companies are the only ones currently authorized to produce certified seed from NARO plant varieties as of 15th October, 2023. Any procurement/purchase of seed from unlicensed seed companies is at own risk and peril as NARO shall not guarantee quality and authenticity. Certified seed from these licensed seed companies shall have packaging consisting of a NARO Varietal Identification Number (NVIN) as indicated in the table.

Details of allocated plant varieties by respective licensed seed companies is available on the NARO website www.naro.go.ug. Any additional licensees will be published in same way.

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