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Uganda Journal of Agricultural Sciences

The Uganda Journal of Agricultural Sciences (UJAS) is an open access peer reviewed journal published semi-annually by the National Agricultural Research Organization offering both online and print versions in March and September.

The Journal publishes peer reviewed papers with the aim of sharing new developments in the agricultural and environmental sciences including forestry, fisheries, livestock, crops, environment, biotechnology, agricultural economics, agricultural engineering.

The readership of the Journal ranges from students, researchers, extension workers, policy makers, academia, investors and entrepreneurs.

NARO Info Hub

The Information hub serves as a central point to all NARO technologies developed over the years. Beyond technologies, the hub also hosts related information on Pests and Diseases, Post-Harvest Handling, Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), the E-repository to mention a few.

The hub is a scalable digital Information Support System responding to stakeholders’ information and knowledge needs along eight sub-themes. The main function of this system is to improve access and exchange of information related to agricultural research.


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