TOORO KINGDOM engages NARO in partnership for social transformation

The King of Tooro, King Oyo Nyimba Iguru Kabamba hosted the director-general of NARO (Dr Ambrose Agona) to this Kampala residence for discussions on how to work together for the social transformation of this people. This was after a visit to NAROs Livestock Resources Research Institute(NALIRI) in Nakyesasa where the king together with kingdom officials toured and saw the technologies being promoted by NARO.

The king who is passionate about agriculture and conservation of indigenous techniques of agriculture while embedding innovations is currently spearheading a campaign to promote agriculture among the youth in his Kingdom. Through the establishment of model farms for intensive agriculture, the Kingdom, in 2018, the first model farm was created on 150 acres in Bugahi- Kyenjogo district. The enterprises on this model farm include cattle under the zero-grazing system, Aquaculture, Vegetable gardens, Pineapples, Savana Goats with plans of venturing into poultry.

The idea of these model farms is to cater for either 1-acre integrated model, 4 acres and 20 acres respectively. These model farms are intended for people especially youth to visit and learn about sustainable farming and the kingdom would like to partner with NARO for support in the area of demonstrations and training. 

King Oyo, in his remarks, said information is key these days, to do anything, one needs information. Agriculture keeps on evolving, if we do not research then we will lose out.” Regarding economic wealth, he said its starts with the mind to the pockets. 

About his visit to NALIRI, he said he was impressed by the good work being done there and emphasised the need to share what NARO is doing through TV and radio because most people do not know. “Teach, inspire and demonstrate to others the possibilities available. encourage young people to visit the facility, it’s the only way to for them to learn.” The king then concluded by saying he is looking forward to working with partners to develop his kingdom.

Dr Agona in his remarks said, NARO espouses strategic partnerships and collaborations and in today’s era, no kingdom can work alone. NARO is client-driven and market-oriented and he had already seen the commitment from the Kingdom when they paid a visit to NAROs Livestock Resources Research Institute in Nakyesasa. 

He then went on to say that TOORO is a beautiful region known as a tourism city, with great potential for production that needed to be exploited. “I need to feel Tooro not just hear about Tooro, there is a need to customize products from Tooro.” He said. If it’s, milk, let it be branded as Tooro Milk, etc.

The two held discussions on environmental conservation, soil management, livestock, tea, post-harvest handling, goat and fish farming and agreed on areas for mutual collaborations and partnerships aimed at unlocking the agricultural potential of Tooro. In attendance was Dr Sudik Mugerwa the Director of Research, National Livestock Resources Research Institute (NALIRI), Prince, Minister of Agriculture, Tooro’s Minister of Education, King’s adviser and Habib from the president’s office.


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