ZUKUKA-KISOBOKA Farmers’ Mobilization and Education campaign

This campaign, among its objectives, aims to provide farmers with easy access to inputs and supporting information to boost production, productivity and profitability of agriculture. Previously, we shared the experience of this campaign in Greater Mubende, Central region (https://naro.go.ug/dissemination-of-naro-technologies-through-the-prime-ministers-zukuka-bisoboka-campaign/). On 1-3rd September 2023, the Office of the Prime Minister in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries organized a second campaign in Greater Luwero, Central region.

NARO and her partners used this opportunity to promote and disseminate products and services as well as train stakeholders in Nakaseke, Nakasongola and Luwero districts. Partners who joined the NARO stall included AGT Laboratories with tissue culture banana, plus Syova Seed Company and Holland GreenTech with vegetable seeds and supporting inputs like fertilizers, pesticides and soil testing services, among others. Approximately, 3000 stakeholders participated in these activities and a substantial proportion visited the NARO stalls. In Nakaseke, the Prime Minister was accompanied by the Minister of State for Micro-finance Hon. Haji Haruna Kasolo and the State Minister for Agriculture, Hon. Fred K. Bwino. Hon. Kasolo called on the attendees to utilize the ‘Myogga’ funds to buy the inputs showcased at the event to invest in agricultural enterprises to earn income and improve their livelihood. He encouraged them to work hard and indulge in businesses where they can earn an income on a daily-basis

Prime Minister (in Gomesi) touring NARO stalls in Nakasese. She was hosted by Director MUZARDI (3rd from extreme right)

The State Minister for Agriculture, Hon. Fred K. Bwino, advised farmers to utilize services offered by the ministry agencies like NARO, NAADS and UCDA among others. Enrich the comments by Hon. Bwino then add a photo of Dr. Damalie with Hon. Bwino.

In Nakasongola, the Prime Minister was accompanied by …. and in Luwero, she was accompanied by  the Minister of Public Service Ms. Margret Mugasha, the Minister of Education Hon. Dr. John Chrysestom Muyingo, Minister of Economic Monitoring, Hon. Beatrice Akello, the Deputy Secretary General Ms. Florence Namayanja and the Leader of the Women Wing in NRM, Hon. Lydia Wanyoto. At all venues, the Prime Minister called on the district Production departments to encourage farmers to adopt mechanization and work towards producing seed for the market.

Dr. Barbara M. Zawedde hosting Hon. Haji Haruna Kasolo in the NARO Stall

She further advised them to carry out agriculture with a business mindset for example to plant and sell crop products for both local and international markets. She sighted Mr. Mugerwa a prominent coffee farmer with 50 acres in Luwero who reaps 300 million every six months. She called on other farmers to emulate him by visiting his farm and learn the good practices he uses. He has embarked on adding value to his coffee to increase its productivity.

Five motorcycles were given to the Production Officers in each district to improve their mobility as they serve their farmers.

She advised farmers with limited land like an acre to grow high value crops like onions using high yielding seed. She further advised them to adopt cost effective structures and irrigation systems to improve their output.

She advised them to use Parish Development Model (PDM) funds where one can get 1,000,000/= and carry out profitable farming.

In this ZUKUKA-KISOBOKA farmers demonstrated their willingness to buy appropriate inputs including quality seed for various commodities, fertilizers, pesticides and agro-machinery such as maize shellers and forage choppers. Farmers also expressed a lot of interest in services such as soil testing, urban agriculture, aquaculture and livestock production technical support.


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