Our research projects aim at equipping small scale fishers. Equipping Fishers
These will contribute to millions of fish through aquaculture Quality Tilapia Seed
Silver Fish locally known as mukene is the most affordable and has a longer shelf life Silver Fish
Lakes Edward And Albert Fisheries (Leaf) Pilot Project Leaf Pilot Project


The National Fisheries Resources Research Institute (NaFIRRI) is one of the 16 Public National Agricultural Research Institutes (NARIs) under the policy guidance and co-ordination of the National Agricultural Research Organisation (NARO).

NARO was established under the National Agriculture Research Act of 2005.
The NaFIRRI head office is located on Plots 39-45, Nile Crescent & Plots 28-32, Oboja Road in Jinja Town, opposite the wagon ferry terminal.
The Aquaculture Research and Development Centre, on the other hand, is located at Kajjansi, 12km along the Kampala-Entebbe Highway.


A Centre of Excellence in Fisheries Innovations and Impact Creation in collaboration with SMART partnerships.


To generate the knowledge base, develop and disseminate fisheries technologies for increased but sustainable fish production, conservation of the fisheries genetic resources, water quality and fish habitat, and to develop and manage the fisheries and required linkages with stakeholders.


To enhance the contribution of fisheries research to increased and sustainable fish production, economic growth, food security and poverty eradication through generation and dissemination of appropriate technologies, knowledge and information.

Core Values

  • Transparency
  • Inclusiveness
  • Accountability
  • Fairness

Dr. Anthony Tabbu Munyaho

Dr. Anthony Tabbu Munyaho is the Director of Research and head of NaFIRRI.
Strategic Summary

To conduct basic and applied research of national and strategic importance in Aquaculture, Capture fisheries, Water environment, Socio-economics and Marketing, and Information Communication Management, and emerging issues in the fisheries sector.


Dr. Winnie Nkalubo

Lead Capture Fisheries and Biodiversity Conservation Program

Dr. Walakira John

Lead Innovations and Post-harvest Fisheries Program

Dr. Mathew Mwanja

Lead Fish Bio-Science and Aquaculture Program and also the acting head of the NaFIRRI Aquaculture Research and Development Center at Kajjansi

Dr. Fred Wanda

Lead Fish Habitat Management Program
Research Agenda

The National Fisheries Resources Research Institute (NaFIRRI) is one of the 16 Public Agricultural Research Institutes under the National Agricultural Research Organization’s (NARO).

NaFIRRI conducts research in Capture Fisheries as well as in Aquaculture.

The following are research projects carried out by NaFIRRI:

  • Promoting Environmentally, Economically, And Socially Sustainable Cage Aquaculture (PESCA) On The African Great Lakes

PESCA is a regional project developing a decision support tool (DST) and best management practices (BMPs) to guide improvement of policies to increase fish production through cage aquaculture. The emphasis is on negligible impacts on the water environment of the African Great Lakes (AGLs) and promoting use of those practices through adaptive research. The project is implemented in the Ugandan, Kenyan and Tanzanian parts of Lake Victoria, Lake Albert, Lake Edward, Lake Kivu, and the Malawian and Mozambican parts of Lake Malawi/Nyasa/ Niassa.

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  • The Treasure Of Microalgae In Industrial Effluent Management (CGS-Algae)

This project aims to provide an inventory of algae species that can be used in reduction of pollution into Lake Victoria. Lake Victoria’s integrity as a source of fish and water for drinking to the ever growing population is challenged by pollution from industries and other human activities.

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  • Securing A Global Freshwater Fish Hotspot (Segloff)

Lake Nyaguo, which is one of the satellite lakes of Lake Kyoga basin, is home to threatened native and endemic fishes which have disappeared or become extinct from major lakes like Victoria and Kyoga.

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  • From the lab to the World

Unlocking Uganda’s freshwater biodiversity data for sustainable development

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  • Fish Production and Management

Fish Production and Management concentrates on research in development and generation of farmed fish, assured quality seed through genetic improvement of the current farmed fish species.

  • Fish nutrition, Feed and Feeding

Fish nutrition, Feed and Feeding seeks to improve feeding interactions for enhanced natural fisheries productivity and formulated aquaculture feed production.

  • Monitoring And Sustainable Management Of Surface Fresh Water Sources In Africa – The Wasaf Project

The overall goal is to evaluate the ecological status of Murchison Bay, Napoleon Gulf and Katosi ecosystems and the trends in the evolution of their status over the next years, in addition to implementing long-term monitoring programs on these resources. It further seeks to evaluate the pressures, act on them and assess how these pressures have impacted on the water quality. Subsequently, the WASAF Project prepares actions for the ecosystems’ protection and/or their restoration.

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  • Lakes Edward And Albert Fisheries (Leaf) Pilot Project

The Nile Basin Initiative (NBI) has developed a Strategic Action Programme for regional development in the Nile Equatorial Lakes basin. One of the projects is the Nile Equatorial Lakes Subsidiary Action Program (NELSAP) under which the Lakes Edward and Albert Fisheries (LEAF) Pilot Project is embedded. The LEAF pilot project is designed to generate the relevant technical information necessary for sound fisheries management.

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  • Improving light attraction technologies for enhanced harvest of Mukene (silver fish) on Lake Victoria)

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  • Increasing capacity for conservation of threatened fish species through data mobilisation and training

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  • Equipping Small Scale Fishers and Riparian Communities with Adaptation Strategies to Cope with Impacts of Climate Variability and Change

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  • Nutrifish

Harnessing dietary nutrients of under-utilized fish and fish processing by-products to reduce micronutrient deficiencies among vulnerable groups in Uganda – NutriFish.

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  • Aquatic Ecosystem Health and Biosecurity

Focuses on fish disease surveillance and development of diagnostic tools and control strategies for farmed fish in Uganda.

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